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Wellington's South Coast, New Zealand

The unique 100% natural products brand all made in nature’s lab, New Zealand.

Kia ora and thanks for joining us!
PURAO or “PUR-O” was created to symbolise our place in the world. From an abundance of wild resources from the land and sea in nature’s wonderland of New Zealand, PURAO was created to show that innovation and efficacy can be created in nature’s lab.
“PUR” represents ‘Pure’ and “AO” is the Maori word for ‘World’. Te Ao Mārama – the natural world are the words to describe how the weather, birds, fish and trees, sun and moon are related to each other, and to the people of the land. Together they tell the story about the Pure and Natural World, with products created by an innovative little company at the bottom of the world.
Using leading health and wellness advancements, we harness new processes to develop new technologies to improve our lives, today and tomorrow.
The Māori people of New Zealand have used natural resources from the land and sea for generations for traditional health and wellness purposes. Today, we combine traditional techniques and natural sources to create our unique products.
We work with enterprises who share the same values, based on innovation, sustainability, trust and family.

We welcome your enquiry, feedback and comments at any time. Please feel free to contact us at:
We hope you will share in our journey, and become part of our story.
Managing Director, Well & Good NZ