Manuka Honey UMF to MGO converter

manuka honey manuka oil new zealand skincare pharmacy medicineMethylglyoxal (MGO) is one of the chemical markers of manuka honey and used by many leading and trusted brands, including PURAO in New Zealand. 

Other manuka honey brands from New Zealand use the UMF rating. UMF is a the New Zealand UMF Honey Association quality mark encompassing the attributes of manuka honey that make it special, including its non-peroxide activity (NPA). It is optional to become a member and you pay a fee to use the UMF mark.

PURAO BIOMEDI+ tests for Methylglyoxal, DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and Leptosperin, as well as other key markers for authenticity. It is all tested and certified in New Zealand, and meets the New Zealand Governments standard for manuka honey.

 Check the rating:

UMF 5+ 83
UMF 10+ 263
UMF 12+ 356
UMF 15+ 514
UMF 18+ 696
UMF 20+ 829

* MGO is measured as methylglyoxal mg/kg (ppm)

If you are purchasing products which contain manuka honey, we recommend to only buy products that are Made and Packed in New Zealand. Otherwise, how do you know the honey you are buying meets the 100% natural standard in New Zealand, and is tested and certified?