It's Amazing Stuff!

PURAO BIOMEDI+ will literally blow your socks off (well maybe not quite so). But we know it really packs a punch.

The name implies what it is - a bio-treatment or a bio-medicine. Many of our competitors - the big multi-nationals - believe that because it's natural it's not a medicine and we cant call it that. 

So we would like to challenge your thinking on that!

Or even better - they take our great ideas and make it their own!

So come on skin sufferers. Whether you have a minor itch to a more moderate skin condition try going natural as a better, healthier option for your skin.

PURAO medical manuka honey skincare pharmacy

Chemical free, made with really good, honest ingredients, many of which are found here in Godzone. Consider PURAO BIOMEDI+ as your first line of treatment. 

Suitable for all ages and stages.