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Much has been said about the benefits of Manuka Honey and it is widely acknowledged that leading researchers and producers of fast moving consumer goods are already adding Manuka honey to their products - from cleansers to foods and drinks.

In doing so, it's recommended to trust the genuine Manuka honey produced, tested, certified and packaged in New Zealand. Why? New Zealand has very strict laws regarding the production and labeling of Manuka honey. Such laws do not exist in other countries. For this reason, the sellers must meet high standards to export products with Manuka honey. Only then can it be guaranteed that it is the real Manuka honey that has not been adulterated.

What does adulteration mean?

There is talk of adulteration when adding other ingredients to manuka honey to stretch the pure manuka honey and get higher profits. It is all added to water, sugar, other syrups and substances to give the impression of being pure manuka honey, which, however, does not conform to the structure of the honey or are tested by authorities and labeled accordingly on the label.

Manuka honey is very valuable in New Zealand. It has been very special to Maori culture for generations and today it is both a scarce natural resource and one that is in high demand worldwide.

You can trust in PURAO BIOMEDI + products. As a New Zealand company, it is important for us that customers receive the original.

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