Manuka Honey from New Zealand

manuka honey new zealand purao queenstown

We are not going to tell you a whole lot about manuka honey. Why? We think that you may already know alot. But if not - there are literally thousands of pages on google about manuka honey - just go ahead and check.

What we do want to tell you is this.

PURAO BIOMEDI+ Manuka Honey only comes from New Zealand. 

Why? New Zealand has the best farm-store supply chain system in the world. It means every drop of manuka honey is the real stuff. 

As far as we know - New Zealand is the only country in the world that tests and certifies manuka honey to a really strict grading system. It guarantees you the consumer that you are buying the real manuka honey. Not some blended, watered down, or sugar added product that other countries make.

We recommend - if it is MADE AND PACKED IN NEW ZEALAND, you can trust it.

If it isn't - maybe check our the company, their grading and testing systems and see if they really are being honest about what is in every jar.