The new year brings new health trends – be they food or nature made supplements and products. Trends pack holistic benefits, and they’re easy to integrate into the daily lifestyle because of their availability and flexibility as ingredients.

Here are the top natural health trends for 2017.

  1. Manuka Honey as the Number 1 antibacterial remedy
    Manuka honey is harvested from manuka trees that grow in New Zealand. Manuka honey contains MGO, which gives its antibacterial effects. The higher the MGO grade, the better the antibacterial effects of manuka honey.
    New Zealand manuka honey is being used in some hospitals in the UK to kill superbugs. There are no known bacteria that has shown resistance in manuka honey.
    In homes, manuka honey is used to treat minor and aggravated wounds. PURAO manuka honey has the natural activity in MGO grade manuka honey which stops the bacteria from affecting healthy cells. Instead, it effectively kills the bacteria by sealing off the wound. When ingested, manuka money helps boost the immune system.
    Add a teaspoon of New Zealand manuka honey in warm and cold drinks, smoothies or breakfast drinks. It’s a proven anti-cold remedy that helps to provide a protection barrier and bolster the immune system.

  3. Medical Cannabis

    Research shows that non-psychoactive extracts from cannabis, known as Cannabidiol or CBD, can reduce anxiety and stress, lift the mood and lower inflammation.
    Cannabidiol-infused chocolates have been recently introduced to the market. Cannabidiol-infused drink powders, sprays, and suppositories for menstrual cramps are also expected to trend in 2017. Cannabidiol-infused foods will not make you high because they’re just below the US legal limit of .03 percent.
    As states move to legalize marijuana, cannabis will rise to become part of people’s wellness routines.

  5. Fiber as the New Protein
    Did you know that an increase in fiber intake can maintain weight better than any diet plan? The daily recommended fiber amount is 25 grams for women and 39 grams for men. Unfortunately, most people don’t even get half of that.
    Fiber boosts digestive health, lowers cholesterol and improves heart health too. It creates a gel-like substance that binds cholesterol and bile acids, and remove them from the body. Fiber keeps your digestive system happy by nurturing good bacteria.
    Fiber comes from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

  7. Digestive Enzyme Supplements
    Digestive enzymes aid in efficient digestion by breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Proper digestion helps reduce indigestion, bloating, and ulcers. Cooking and food processing destroy enzymes found in food, and that’s where supplements come in handy. Talk to your doctor about the right digestive enzyme supplements for you.

  9. Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

    If you are suffering from lactose intolerance and dairy allergies, you can try plant-based dairy alternatives. These will give you all the dairy benefits like minerals, fibers, antioxidants and vitamins. Plant-based dairy alternatives are rich in calcium, Vitamin D and E with almost zero cholesterol and saturated fat.
    Almond, coconut milk, hemp, flax seeds, cashews, hazelnuts, and soy are popular plant-based dairy alternatives. Nut-free and dairy-free chocolates are available in the market too.

  11. Hemp as the New Superfood
    Hemp is as one of the most versatile natural products. There is goodness in hemp, from the seeds to the stalk to the leaves. It is an excellent source of protein, making it a valuable alternative to nuts.
    Studies show that hemp is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc.
    Hemp is available as seeds, sprouted, grounded into flour, as a protein or fiber supplement, and in juice or milk form.
    From phytonutrients foods to organic manuka honey, this year’s natural health trends will surely make you achieve good health naturally. Which trend do you like best?