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Manuka Honey has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Today, PURAO® topical skin treatments use traditional health practices and modern science to create our 100% natural Skin Treatments for skin condition sufferers and daily protection against the elements.

Manuka Honey is well documented and scientifically proven as a great natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, and used to stimulate wound healing and promote healthy skin. It is extensively used on the skin in hospitals for its unique properties and to stimulate the immune system, providing nutrients for cell metabolism and rapid tissue repair. It naturally contains acids which aid in the clearing of dead skin cells and in the prevention and healing of acne, rosacea, ezcema, nappy rash to minor cuts, abrasions and the reduction of scarring. The nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals in Manuka Honey all sum up to give it these special qualities.

Scientifically and medically proven to:

  • accelerate skin healing
  • remove harmful bacteria and sterilise infections
  • stimulate new healthy skin growth
  • lower incidence of disfiguring scars including acne scars

Manuka Honey is particularly good to assist in the healing of broken and sore skin, due to the following properties:

  • natural anti-bacterial
  • strong anti-inflammatory
  • strong anti-oxidant to help fight free radical damage
  • provides a protective barrier which prevent cross-infection
  • Manuka Honey draws fluid out from the tissue and creases a moist, optimum healing environment
  • natural lactic acid within the honey, together with natural hydrogen peroxide helps to stimulate new cell repair and growth
  • epithelial cells grow level with the skin surface, resulting in no pitting or scarring
  • creates ‘drainage’ away from the infection removing bacterial contaminants.

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