Caring for your beautiful skin every day. PURAO® Skin Care products contain Manuka Honey and Leptosperin. Leptosperin is a key marker which identifies PURAO® Manuka Honey as genuine. And it’s our guarantee you get the real Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

PURAO® Manuka Honey works as a natural humectant, drawing moisture into the skin, and the unique properties of PURAO® Manuka Honey make it one of the most biologically active and beneficial honeys for the skin. It’s perfect to enhance your skin’s renewal process.

This uniquely New Zealand health products has many skin benefits hydrating, moisturising, nourishing, healing, rejuvenating and protecting. That’s why it is a key ingredient throughout our range.

Manuka Honey is used to firm and soothe, help repair cell damage and reduce acne scarring. It is well known and scientifically proven to be good for your inside and out. 100% natural ingredients, it’s our promise.

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Beautiful Manuka Honey to protect and nourish skin to protect and nourish skin

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