Purao going Global

PURAO, a “trace to source” premium brand of genuine New Zealand manuka honey, is offering 100% natural products, containing the exclusive manuka honey, to its global market.

With countless therapeutic benefits, New Zealand manuka honey is considered one of the most valuable natural medicinal resource known to man. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology states that even low dilutions of the New Zealand manuka honey is enough to curb the activity as well as growth of bacterial biofilms.

To offer some insight into the PURAO range of products using manuka honey, Ms McHardy, Managing Director commented, “The use of manuka honey as a health remedy dates to thousands of years. However, it was only recently that its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties have been documented in studies. PURAO wants to ensure every person has the opportunity to enjoy the real benefits of manuka honey, as it has been used traditionally for centuries.”

Each PURAO health product uses authentic, tested and certified MGO grade New Zealand manuka honey. Because of this, its products are quickly catching the attention of health watchers.

PURAO also offer PURAO BIOMEDI+, an exclusive range of skin healing and treatment products for problem or affected skin.

“Our PURAO BIOMEDI+ range is 100% natural, free of chemicals or additives, unlike many skin treatments on the market. They well deserve a place in every medicine kit, in every home. Each product included 100% pure, authentic manuka honey, tested and certified in New Zealand, making it highly effective in treating skin conditions and small to aggravated wounds.”
To confirm the authenticity of each tube of PURAO BIOMEDI+, it has been tested for the presence of Leptosperin, a compound unique to the New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Using leading global research, PURAO has created world-class natural skin treatments that really take on new-age pharmacy medicine. And with their outstanding customer service, the buying experience gets turned into a whole new level.

For those seeking natural alternatives, PURAO provides natural health for all the family. PURAO products for skin and health are available internationally at recognised e-commerce channels and www.purao.global.

About PURAO:

PURAO is a premium, uniquely New Zealand brand creating products from natural resources and used by the indigenous Maori people for generation. It follows a trace to source philosophy, which guarantees its range of products are made of pure, natural, and certified resources such as manuka honey. Since its establishment, PURAO has emerged as an innovative brand for those seeking natural health and healing, for a range of conditions.