Natures Healing Effects on Wound Care

The use of honey as wound treatment can be traced back to the ancient times. Medical writings have been discovered detailing how it has been used in ancient Greece, Egypt, India, China and Rome. But in the mid-20th century, honey was used only as a first line treatment because of the rise of regulatory reforms that made it difficult for natural products to keep their place in the medical marketplace. As a result, honey was largely forgotten by modern clinicians until Dr. Molan confirmed the presence of stable non-peroxide activity in Manuka Honey that’s otherwise absent in any other variety.

How Does It Work?

The wound healing process is largely affected by your body’s ability to control the number of free radicals that cause damage in cells. The PURAO BIOMEDI+ range of skin healing treatments contains medical grade Manuka Honey, which provides a moist environment and topical treatment to the wound to enhance tissue growth and helps to release hydrogen peroxide to help eliminate bacterial activity. As a result, the process of wound healing becomes faster.

In 19 eligible trials, with 2,554 respondents, that compare the effects of manuka honey on minor acute wounds, burns, ulcers and post-operative wounds, it was deduced that the Manuka Honey heals faster than conventional treatment used by modern clinicians.

PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid Gel uses only the best and highest grade manuka honey to provide fast, natural healing to work on wounds, cuts, burns, wounds, scratches and moderate open sores.

How to Use PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid Gel to Heal Wounds

First clean the exposed skin site. Then simply apply PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid Gel onto the open wound. Apply a good amount of Skin Aid Gel while spreading it evenly over the wound. Cover the treated site with a sterile dressing for extra protection.

For best results, use PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid Gel regularly on the wound site. Make sure to keep it clean and apply modern amounts of Skin Aid Gel, then cover. Regular treatment will promote the healing process otherwise it may slow down.

Other Benefits of Using Purao Manuka Honey on Wounds

A group of researchers published the results of 22 trials involving New Zealand manuka honey in the International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds. There, it was detailed that:

  • Wounds were saved from infections.
  • Strong odors from wounds were eliminated.
  • Permanent scarring was reduced.
  • Inflammation was reduced.

A word of caution, though: don’t go around squeezing just about any honey on your wounds. If you do so, the high-fructose corn syrup present in raw honey might spread infection further instead of preventing it. For optimum results, use only PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid Gel.