The New Zealand Manuka Oil has been tested to contain impressive medicinal functions that are up to 33 times stronger than the Tea Tree Oil.

The Manuka tree, where the oil is extracted from, is difficult to harvest and is subject to weather conditions over the summer months, where the growing period is at its peak. Because of its rarity, coupled with its unique medical benefits, it is one of the most expensive and sought after essential oils.

The main components of Manuka Oil are:

  • Pinene – a known bronchodilator in humans. It is also anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.
  • Geranoil – it is used to reduce inflammation, treat acne, balance hormones and alleviate anxiety
  • Caryophyllene – it is the subject of extensive studies because of its ability to regulate how the body responds to irritation
  • Leptospermone – it is known for its antimicrobial activity
  • Linalool – it is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-epileptic properties. It is also used as to promote sleep and relieve pain.
  • Humulene – it helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation

The Process of Extracting Manuka Oil

Before you get your hands on a bottle of manuka oil, it is first extracted from the leaves, flowers, and branches of the manuka tree. However, the process of extraction is done with great care to prevent any damage to the mother plant. Normally, only the top parts of the plant are used so it can continue to live for another 20 years.

PURAO BIOMEDI+ manuka oil is produced through the process of steam distillation. However, not all manuka oil you see in the market is pure. Some have been diluted with other chemicals or oils. That is why it is important to know the source and processes of the manuka essential oil that you buy. Pure Manuka Oil with high medicinal compounds are grown in New Zealand, regarded as the true source of all products to do with Manuka.

Uses of the PURAO BIOMEDI+ Manuka Oil

  • Relieves Dandruff
  • Are you tired of those flakes falling on your shoulders? Dandruff is caused by several factors including, but not limited to a lack of oil and moisture in the scalp, infections, and degeneration of the scalp skin.

    The Purao BIOMEDI+ Manuka Oil works by maintaining the moisture and oil balance in the scalp. It fights off any infection and stops the degeneration of the skin of the scalp. Mix the oil in bathing water and then use it to wash your hair. Regular treatment will lead to long-term effects.

  • Natural Repellant, Bite and Sting Antidote

    The PURAO BIOMEDI+ Manuka Oil works two ways. First, it is a good insect repellent because of its distinct and unique smell. Second, it reduces the swelling and pain caused by an insect bite. To utilize the oil as an insect repellent, apply directly onto skin.

    To ward off mites and bugs, simply rub it on your hair and/or add it in your shampoo and conditioner. The smell is unpleasant to insects and bugs and helps to prevent these little mites from growing.

  • Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal
  • The healing wonders of the manuka tree is present in each drop of the PURAO BIOMEDI+ Manuka Oil. This means that the oil is also rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help fight off infections in the colon, respiratory tracts, urinary system, and other vulnerable areas.

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • The PURAO BIOMED+ Manuka Oil does not only work on physical inflammations it is also highly effective in inflammations of the nasal and respiratory tracts, as in the case of colds, infections, and fevers.