Manuka honey is produced by bees foraging the manuka trees, which are endemic to New Zealand. Its scientific benefits are renowned due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
PURAO manuka honey from New Zealand has many uses in the household and for the family. Not only does it provide natural benefits in everyday life, but it smells good too.

  1. Relief from Burns

    Applying PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid Gel helps to protect a burn site from becoming infected. The antibacterial property of PURAO manuka honey used in BIOMEDI+ repairs damaged skin by triggering the regeneration of new tissue. PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Aid helps to reduce pain because of the honey’s anti-inflammatory properties and rejuvenate damage cells through the MGO compound found in manuka honey.

  3. “Beauty Secret”

    Instead of using over-the-counter facial masks and creams, why not use beauty products containing manuka honey? Manuka honey softens and hydrates the skin by keeping the moisture in. The natural vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, provide deep nourishment too.

  5. Manuka for skin infections

    Do you have a teenager in the house? Puberty hormones going haywire cause acne. There are no known bacteria that are resistant to manuka honey, making PURAO Biomedi+ an effective alternative to antibiotics, and widely used for dry skin, rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne treatments.

  7. Protect your wound

    The healing properties of PURAO BIOMEDI+ work on both minor and aggravated wounds. Apply a layer to the affected area, cover it with a plaster or bandage and let nature do its work.

    Manuka honey is high in sugar content, making it almost chemically inert. Bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot grow in manuka honey. The presence of glucose oxidase also creates a hostile environment for most bacteria.


  9. Relief from stomach pain

    Studies have determined that New Zealand manuka honey relieves the symptoms of a digestion problem. Simply mix a teaspoon into tea or a hot cup of water. Enjoy your therapeutic drink!


  11. Fight off a cold or a sore throat

    The antibacterial properties of PURAO manuka honey can stop the bacteria that causes flu or a sore throat. Since it’s natural, manuka honey is safe for the entire family to use.


Manuka Honey and Maggots in Hospitals?


Because of its potency, manuka honey is used in hospitals, too.

Antibiotic resistance has led to the adoption of traditional medical techniques, like medicinal maggots and manuka honey. At the Royal United Hospital in Bath, England, manuka honey is used to disinfect wounds and fight off infections.

Doctors from the Royal United Hospital have reported that the use of New Zealand manuka honey has led to a drastic improvement in wounds. Unlike antibiotics, manuka honey is only unforgiving to harmful, infectious bacteria. It does not affect good bacteria in the body.

After the manuka honey has cleared the infection, sterilized maggots are used to remove the dead tissues. More and more hospitals use New Zealand manuka honey and sterilized maggots when conventional dressings fail or if a wound requires a faster form of treatment.

Try PURAO manuka honey for skin infections and notice a drastic improvement in a matter of days. Stop antibiotic dependence before it’s too late. Nature is giving us the best treatment for wounds and other health problems; it’s high time we take advantage of it.