As you go about your day, it’s normal to get a few scratches here and there. If you have children and they spend hours playing outside, they will likely come home with heat rash and a scraped knee. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, burns are not uncommon. If you’re a modern parent, your usual go-to would be creams and medicines created in laboratories. While these are effective in most cases, they are loaded with chemicals.

Did you know that there’s an alternative natural remedy that’s been there for thousands of years? The Manuka Honey was first used by the Maori, native people of New Zealand as indigenous medicine. The use of honey for wound treatment used to be widespread until the 20th century, when penicillin was introduced to the scientific community. However, with certain strains of bacteria showing resistance to antibiotics, clinicians look once again into natural answers.

Purao Manuka Honey is well known for its antiseptic compositions. Bacteria cannot thrive in it. It is even effective against the common type of strep, which prevents cuts and wounds from healing. New studies also report that unlike antibiotics, the use of Purao Manuka Honey does not develop super bugs or bacteria that resist antibiotics.

The Secret Is In The Moisture

Scientists have found that the Purao Manuka Honey contains traces of arabinogalactans, which trigger immune activity once applied to wound sites. It also triggers the release of cytokines, which are anti-inflammatory. This makes products that contain Purao Manuka Honey a must-have in your medicine cabinet.

Further, burns respond more quickly with Purao Manuka Honey. The formation of new and healthy skin is faster when using Purao Manuka Honey compared to other topical applications.

But how does the Purao Manuka honey do all these?

One of the manuka honey benefits is that it is hygroscopic, which means that it has low water content. When applied to minor wounds, it works by drawing moisture from the environment. Bacteria thrives in moisture so it slowly gets dehydrated until it dies.

Purao Manuka Honey coats cuts, scrapes and burns in a film that keeps additional moisture from entering the wound. It creates an ideal environment for healing to happen while its compounds fight off infections.

And because the wound is moist, change of dressing is pain-free.

Does Purao Manuka Honey Still Work in Gel Form?

The PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Protection Gel is Purao Manuka Honey in gel form. It has been specially designed for every day use. Use PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Protection Gel on cuts, rashes, burns and other minor wounds. Since it is a100% natural, it is safe for the whole family. The tube form of the PURAO BIOMEDI+ Skin Protection Gel makes it easy to apply the goodness of Purao Manuka Honey on minor wounds.

Even in gel form, the Purao Manuka Honey still retains its potency because of its stable non-peroxide activity. This means that it will have the same effect even if it is exposed to heat or any other manufacturing processes.

What’s stopping you from getting Purao BIOMEDI+ today?