Keeping the hives humming and healthy, in the remoteness of the great New Zealand outdoors.
The hives are set in many locations but a typical area will be remote away from people and buildings, to ensure our honey collected is in the purest form available.

Manuka honey is collected from September – March, during the New Zealand summertime.

Typical work undertaken by the bee keepers is:

  • pollination of fruit crops, particularly kiwifruit
  • treatment of hives for varoa
  • feed for the bees
  • re queening and checking of AFB
  • general maintenance of the hives
  • checking of crops and health of bees

Every day is a new adventure for a beekeeper who gets to visit some of the most beautiful parts of the world that are untouched.

After the raw honey is collected it is processed through the extraction plant and then works through the processing and packing cycle in RMP certified premises.

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