Despite best efforts to live a healthy, wound-free life, illnesses and injuries can still strike. The kids could fall and get scratches. You might burn your hand while preparing dinner. Your husband might accidentally get a cut while working on a project.
To this end, you stock up on off-the-shelf antiseptics, like povidone iodine, as well as fish antibiotics and nano silver. But there are also other natural first aid items that are as effective as the chemical-laden ones.
1. PURAO manuka honey
Manuka honey is special honey produced by bees that feast on the flowers of the manuka tree. The manuka tree only grows in Australia and New Zealand, but the New Zealand manuka honey is known to be the most effective and supported by extensive research.
PURAO BIOMEDI+ contains the special PURAO manuka honey. It has ‘MGO’ or methylglyoxal and has remarkable anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties making it nature’s perfect wound treatment.
You can use PURAO BIOMEDI+ for chronic skin conditions, minor and aggravated wounds, burns and also to reduce skin bacteria.
2. Activated charcoal
Activated charcoal is a super adsorbent. It has many industrial applications, but it is also used in hospitals to control poisoning. Charcoal has a unique structure that allows it to bind with toxic heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides.
At home, the activated charcoal is used in cases of food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal illness and ingestion of toxins. It will turn your mouth black until you rinse it thoroughly.
3. Dark chocolate
A square or two of dark chocolate is very effective in suppressing persistent coughs. Unlike over-the-counter cough medicines, dark chocolate does not come with common side effects of constipation and drowsiness.
If that doesn’t work, use PURAO manuka honey. Take two teaspoons of PURAO manuka honey, or mix it in water. Studies show that manuka honey works better than any cough suppressant in relieving nocturnal cough to promote sleep.
4. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera gel is also rich in wound healing and antibacterial properties. Remove the skin or the brownish sap and rub it directly onto wounds or burns. It also acts as a self-sealing bandage that kills the bacteria and stops the infection from spreading.
Aloe vera, manuka honey, and a little alcohol (1%) are the three ingredients that make up the “Monk’s Cure” for cancer, which was developed by Brazilian monk Romano Zago.

5. Cayenne powder
Cayenne powder is a tasty addition to food but did you know that it is also a must-have in your emergency cabinet?
Cayenne powder helps stop bleeding when it is applied topically. If ingested, it can be used as first aid during heart attacks because it increases blood flow and helps clear blockage.
Other natural emergency medicines can beat prescription drugs. Look around you. There’s ginger, horopito, comfrey, peppermint herb, and plantain. Know your natural medicines. That knowledge can make all the difference for a longer, healthier life.